Acid Soil
Soil with a Ph reading less than 6.5
Alkaline Soil
Soil with a Ph reading of more than 7.4
Cutting holes or slits of the lawn to improve drainage, allow air, water and fertilizer to reach of grass easily
Annual Plant
A plant which normally completes its cycle of life in a single season
A plant which takes two seasons to complete its life cycle
Long flower bed normally along a wall, fence or hedge
A portion of stem, leaf or root cut from a plant and is made to produce its own roots so it becomes a new plant
Exactly like its parent
Once flower has passed bloom, snipping off the flower from the stem of the plant
Deciduous trees and shrubs shed all their leaves in autumn and early winter
Evergreen trees keep their leaves and continue to grow slowly during the winter
An environment which is kept above 4c, such as a greenhouse.
Half Hardy
Annuals that should cope with temperatures of 0c but not hard frosts
Hard Soil
Heavy soil contains more clay and tends to be sticky and hard to work but tends to be more fertile
A description meaning a plant will normally survive temperatures outside of -5c without any special protection
from the cold.
Light Soil
Light soil are sandy or silty, containing very little clay
Surface layer spread over the ground to conserve water, suppress weeds and maintain soil texture
Small plant grown in a tray with its own cell of compost
Pot Bound
A plant whose roots have become tightly compacted within its pots and needs to be potted on
Pot On
A growing plant is re-potted in to a larger pot to allow more root space
Pot Ready
Plants sold bare rooted or in their individual paper pot are normally pot ready. They can be placed in
pots or planted directly in to hanging baskets
Pot Up
Transferring of seedling to pot/container
Plants often from warmer climates are sensitive to cold and frosts. Tender plants be kept above 5c
Any chemical preparation used to repel or destroy insects
Refers to foliage having patches of different colours, usually as a result of the chlorophyll content.
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